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La Plata Cares is a grant opportunity made available by La Plata County to support businesses located in the county that have been impacted by COVID-19. La Plata County engaged Local First to administer these funds, in partnership with Aid to All.

Grants of up to $10,000 are available to eligible for-profit and non-profit businesses to assist with direct impacts from COVID-19. A total of $810,000 is available with the potential of up to $1 million depending on how funds are distributed.

Board of County Commissioners,
La Plata County

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Local First

Local First is the voice of the local, independent business community in La Plata County working together to build an economy that values people, the planet, and prosperity for everyone.
For more information visit – local-first.org

Director, Local First

The fabric of every community is stitched together by the people who show up, everyday. Around each corner live our friends, the storefronts, and the past times we cherish. Our neighbors are our teachers and those who coach our lives. Our friends help keep our lights on, and they help put food on the table that we all share. We take our time browsing neighborhood shelves and providing for each other. And we clean up and care for our doorsteps when each day ends. We do this together. It's the foundation of community. And as this crisis tears through our hometowns, dismantling our Main Street economies, and leaving our friends and our neighbors facing unprecedented challenges, we need each other.
For more information visit – www.aidtoall.org

Founder, AidtoAll

Read the brief to understand what we're about and what you'll need to complete the application (in English y Español).

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